Welcome to Dear Liz.

This website has been created to help the transgender community and its allies, organise a letter writing and media campaign; targeted at Liz Truss, the UK Minister for Women and Equalities, with the aim of informing the current government about the serious issues that have arisen and potential loss of rights to transgender people, pertaining to the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act in the UK.

As a transgender woman, I and the vast majority of the trans community feel under threat and are extremely scared. We are being constantly attacked and vilified by the media, politicians and members of transphobic hate groups and we need to speak up against this with one voice.

I have chosen to set up this site and organise this campaign in an effort to bring our community and allies together so we can greater inform those in government, other political parties, and the wider media, via a letter writing campaign, about the fears we have about our rights being taken away. We simply want to live and exist without being scared.

Dear Liz, We are transgender, and we are scared.

If anyone wants to participate in the campaign but cannot make it to a post box or post office for any reason, please feel free to contact me matilda@dearliz.co.uk or on twitter @TotallyTills and we can find a away to ensure you can send your letters.

How Can You Help.

This is a fairly simple process of letter writing. It shouldn’t take long and should only cost at a minimum the price of a stamp and envelope. We’re asking you to follow the process below, using the letter templates, to write to Liz Truss and to others if possible, to let Liz, the government and the UK know how scared trans people currently are.

The process below is broke down into easy to follow steps, and letter templates can be downloaded and then simply amended to include your details and then you can pop them in the post.

For this to be effective we are asking those that can and have the resources, to not only send a letter to Liz Truss, but to also copy in (CC) members of the other political parties that represent equalities issues in Parliament, and your local MP, and to media and press organisations.

If thousands of letters begin arriving on the desks of the media, politicians and the government, we stand a greater chance of shining a light on the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act and how this effects our community, and, why we are all extremely scared about what is being proposed.

Some of you may read my template letter and wish to add to it, or write their own, and this is fine. I’ve chosen to focus on very specific talking points as I feel this is better to help us raise this issue with the wider public, and you may disagree with me on that so please feel free to add to your own letters if you wish.

I’ll be spending the coming weeks reaching out to members of the press and prominent members of the LGBT community in an effort to spread make people aware of this campaign, as this will only work if we all come together. I’m happy to answer questions if you have them, you can email me if you like: matilda@dearliz.co.uk

Let’s come together and let’s get writing!


Step One.

The first stage is to write a letter to Liz Truss. You can do this as a transgender person or an ally of the trans community, there are two templates provided below. Please feel free to use the letter template provided below, you simply need to download it, the add in your name and address details. You can write your own if you wish, but please, keep the tone professional and avoid being aggressive and confrontational, we’re not going to convince anyone with bad behaviour. It’s also very helpful to keep the letter short and to the point, try and avoid making it specifically personal as we want to speak with one voice.

There is a CC section on the letter and this will allow you to add in the names of the other politicians, organisations and media groups you are going to send a copy of your letter too as well. If you can only send your letter to Liz Truss, that’s fine, it will be a huge help, however if you can send out some copies, please continue to step two below.

If you can, take a picture of your letter or a picture of you putting your letter into the post box and share this on social media using the tag #dearliz and let me know on twitter @TotallyTills as well so I can keep track of the campaign.


Step Two.

Ok, so you have your letter to Liz Truss, now lets copy in some other politicians relevant to the issue that should be made aware of the situation. Yes, they probably already are, but by sending them a copy of your letter, this adds weight to our voice and message. Below I’ve listed details of the Labour Party Shadow Minister for Women and Equalties, along with the spokes people for Women and Equalities in other main political parties across the UK. If you can write to them all that’s great, however if you can only pick one, then I would recommend choosing Labours Shadow Minister as this position carries more prominence, if you are writing to others, choose someone who represents your region or your political family.

If you are going to send a copy of your letter then its always good manner to include a short cover letter so they know why, we’ve go your covered for this as well with the template cover letter, again feel free to write your own if you like, and be sure to include all of your CC copy info on the cover letter so everyone knows who is getting your letters.


The Green Party

The Hon Caroline Lucas MP
House of Commons
Westminster, London

SNP Spokesperson for Women and Equalities

The Hon Anne McLaughlin MP
SNP Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities
House of Commons
Westminster, London

Lib Dems Spokesperson for Women and Equalities

The Hon Christine Jardine MP
183 St John’s Road
EH12 7SL

Shadow Women and Equalities Minister

The Hon Marsha de Cordova MP
Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities
Marsha de Cordova MP
House of Commons
Westminster, London

Plaid Cymru Spokesperson for Women and Equalities

The Hon Liz Saville Roberts MP
Heol Meurig
LL40 1LN

LGBT+ Conservatives

4 Matthew Parker Street

Step Three.

Well done for making it this far! If you have a letter ready for Liz and some copies, thank you, its a massive help. If you can go further, the we recommend sending a copy of your letter to your local MP. They have to respond to your letters and usually they forward copies of letters to the minister in question, so this could lead to further letters being sent to Liz Truss. You can use the link below to go to the Parliament website and search for your local MP and get their contact details. Sometimes they only list their parliamentary office, sometimes its a constituency office, either one is fine to use. Remember to add there details to the original letter CC and send this one with a cover letter as well.

If you like, you can use a web service called writetothem.com to send a letter to your local MP. It’s important that this letter is unique to you though as they will block duplicate letters so if you are copying your MP into your letter to Liz Truss then you” have to send it the old fashioned way.


Step Four.

Well done on making it this far! You are a star! You can really help out by sending a copy of your letter to a media organisation. This will help us by exposing the campaign to the media who we hope in turn, will take up the story and bring our campaign to a wider audience. I haven’t included some media outlets for obvious reasons, but the others I feel could be an ally to us. Local press and media can also be very useful and so there is a link below to a site you can use to find the contact details of all local press and media organisations in the UK. Again, please add these details to the original letter CC before making your copies so everyone knows who is getting  a copy of your letter, especially Liz Truss.

If your work or know someone that works in the media and the details we have listed are incorrect, or you have details that may be more direct and useful, please email me and I’ll update and add them: matilda@dearliz.co.uk



BBC News
BBC Broadcasting House


ITV News Central
Gas Street
B1 2JT

Chanel 4

Channel 4 News
200 Gray’s Inn Road
London WC1X 8XZ

Sky News

Sky News
Grant Way

Channel 5 News

Channel 5 News
17 – 29 Hawley Crescent

The Independent

The Independent
2 Derry Street
W8 5HF

The Guardian & The Observer

The Guardian & The Observer
Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9GU

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AP

The Evening Standard

The Evening Standard
2 Derry Street
London W8 5TT​
United Kingdom

Step Five.

That’s it, just pop your letters in the post. If you can, email me to let me know you’ve sent one so I can keep a tally: matilda@dearliz.co.uk

Once you have your letters in the post, please share this campaign with as many people as you can, get the word out on social media and direct as many people to this site as possible, the more letters we send the better.

If you can, take a picture of your letter or a picture of you putting your letter into the post box and share this on social media using the tag #dearliz and let me know on twitter @TotallyTills as well so I can keep track of the campaign.

If we can get lots of members of the trans community sending letters, I may look into pushing the campaign further with ads to draw further attention to the situation, we’ll have to see how it all plays out over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your help, and stay strong!

A quick FAQ on why we’re doing this

Simply put, the current government is preparing legislation to remove transgender rights. They want to prevent transgender people having access to toilets, changing rooms and gender segregated spaces. They also want to to deny healthcare to transgender people under the age of 18. Its transphobic political ideology, pure and simple.

For those who are not up to date with current the policy strategies o the government, Liz Truss, as the Womens and Equalities Minister, has laid out plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act. These reforms are being presented in a manner that makes it look like the government is protecting women and children, when in fact they are preparing to strip away the rights of transgender people. Here is a quick overview:

Removal of access to toilets, changing rooms and gender segregated spaces. Liz Truss has spoken about her wish to protect what she calls “single sex spaces” This is phrase is used by the gender critical movement when they talk about facilities and spaces that are gender segregated such as toilets and changing rooms. When Liz Truss talks about protecting these spaces for women and children, she infers that trans people are by nature predatory and should be excluded, therefore, banning transgender people from using toilets, changing rooms and other gendered facilities. This will effectively make it illegal for trans women to use women’s toilets and trans men to use men’s toilets and more generally, trans people to use gendered public and private facilities. Contrary to the Gender Critical talking points, this actually removes a right trans people have to use these facilities which has been in place for decades. This is government legislation, removing the rights of transgender people.

Removal of healthcare for under 18’s. Liz Truss has also spoken about her wish to prevent young people, those under the age of 18, being able to access medication and treatment relating to being transgender. On the whole, the main attention is on the use of puberty blocking drugs, however it seems that the government plans to possibly include access to all medical intervention treatment for young trans people, which will leave thousands of young people unable to get the correct treatment and forcing them to go through a terrible puberty process which will have lasting and extremely damaging consequences. The vast vast majority of the UK and global medical community support the use of these drugs and this form of treatment and the government is basing is decisions on political ideology and nothing else. The precedent set by this legislation being passed is horrifying to say the least as it paves the way for any government to ban medical treatment of any kind based on nothing more than political ideology

Dangerous precedent. If allowed to happen, this government can then use this case as a precedent to target other groups and strip away their rights. What is next on the hit list for ideological right wing government? Abortion, access to birth control, Gay rights?